We’re Moving – You’re Invited to My Virtual Housewarming Party :)


Hi! This is just a quick message to say thank you so much for reading my blog and to announce we’re shifting to a new home. A new Internet home that is!

In an effort to bring you more informative, in-depth and interesting discussions, I am moving the blog to http://www.paulkeijzer.com

The new blog will feature more posts per week, more insights and more resources. My aim is to share with you all the leadership and talent management tactics I’ve learned over the past 15 years working all over Asia for renowned organizations.

I would be honored if you joined me in my new place and came to my virtual housewarming party. Please click here www.paulkeijzer.com and sign up to the blog to receive free weekly updates.

See you over there!

-Paul Keijzer


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