Find Me A Job Now!!!

find-job-key-250x250The job market in Pakistan is, and has been for some time now, completely flat. On a yearly basis, my team and I survey the Pakistani talent market and assess its turbulence. Well, at the moment we are stuck in the ‘doldrums’ (a low-pressure area around the equator where there is almost no wind and sailors are stuck for days trying to get through). There is no movement whatsoever as companies are very reluctant to hire. Managers are holding on to their seats with all their might and if someone moves, companies often decide not to replace them, and do without the position.

A lot of people are looking for jobs and trust me, times are tough. The number of resumes that we as headhunters receive from hopeful candidates is overwhelming. Some of them we can help, some of them we advice and quite a few of them we have to disappoint.

Being in the headhunting business you sometimes get the strangest requests. I am bombarded with emails that start with “Hello Sir, please give me a job in Dubai. I am ready to start next week’. It’s unbelievable the expectations that people have (as if I am running a butcher shop from which people want to choose which piece of meat they want.) I understand their bluntness, but instead of people making an effort trying to understand what it takes to land them a job in their favorite destination, they just demand it be done.

However, it is not something that can be achieved with a simple click of a button. So here are five tips to fast-track your career when there is no clear career opportunities on the horizon:

1. Know where you want to go: Be clear on what you love to do, where you can be the best in the world, where and how you can perform the job you love to do, how you can add value to companies, how you position yourself and what differentiates you from others. As the Alice in Wonderland saying goes “if you don’t know where you are going, every road will take you there.”
2. Take ownership of your own career: If you can’t find an immediate opportunity, prepare yourself and start learning for the job you want to do tomorrow. As the saying goes ‘luck is where opportunity meets preparation’. (Tomorrow Is Here Today)
3. Take initiative: suggest to your boss that you want to become responsible for this specific project. Don’t expect more money or a promotion, just do it for your own development.
4. Read, study and learn: Read a book a month, make summaries of what you read and share it with your colleagues. The best way to retain information is by teaching others. (Teach Yourself By Teaching Others)
5. Network, Network, Network: People that are able to land jobs are people who have a tremendous network and know how to use it. Don’t abuse it, use it.

Hopefully the economy will turn, companies and foreign investors will gain confidence and start investing and opportunities will come. But until that moment, get yourself in shape and be ready to ride that wave.

– Paul Keijzer


7 thoughts on “Find Me A Job Now!!!

  1. As Paul rightfully suggested in start of 2013 that it will be a year for buyers market (more people will try to move & lesser opportunities will be available) I think its time for us the job seekers to take a step back to sharpen our skills & strengthen our emotional intelligence to develop ourselves better for the opportunities coming after the new government take over. Hope fully economy will stabilize & there will be swarm of candidates for new openings. Paul gauged it correctly.

  2. Thanks Paul, you have explained the situation to a great extent for job seekers.
    I believe Networking is the key under prevailing circumstances, unfortunately, most of the people don’t ‘invest’ in this area. One way of investment is to ‘staying connected with ex-colleagues and ex-bosses’ and with out doubt with the Headhunters too!!!. Since the situation is very complex & we can only pray & hope for improvement, one should not surrender and must continue his/her effort. Sharpen you saw, read books & participate in discussions & debates with your friends & colleagues… who knows you may convince someone to take hiring decision.
    All the best.

  3. So true and close to reality i must say. But i would add one thing here, that since job market is no good these days, people must improve upon their qualifications and continue to work and put their best in the organization they are presently working for. If you are out of work don’t worry. Keep searching and take some academic benefit as well. You will definately get the job sooner or later.

  4. Paul, though your assessment about the market is partly correct about the blue chip companies, but we see some signs of recovery in sectors such as IT, Modern Trade, and Pharmacy in particular, most of hiring is taking place in the frontline tier though and there has been little movement from the mid to senior tier positions!

  5. Great article Paul highlighting the plight of our country but things will improve moving forward, having been living and working in Dubai for many years now i can attest to the ‘coming to Dubai’ part by most ppl looking for a job.

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