The Good, Bad and Ugly

imagesThe end of the year is always a moment to reflect back on how the past year has been. Here is my 2012 list of Good, Bad and Ugly:

The Good:
I had a stellar year with my business growing more than 100%, my hours in the air up by 25% and I quadrupled the number of countries I visited to work. I published 56 blogs, had 15,000 people viewing them and 1,000+ regular followers. I had two articles externally published, which were both well received, along with publishing three research papers.
Not bad at all!

The Bad:
Despite all the good, the bad of course is about the things I wanted to do but didn’t or couldn’t. I didn’t publish my e-book, didn’t reach my target of 5,000 followers and was unable to do my Vipassana retreat (a meditational retreat in which you are not allowed to speak for 10 days.)

The Ugly:
The “ugly” was the flip-side of the good. This amazing business year had its impact on my ability to spend time with my family. I tried to make it up to them by spending ‘concentrated bursts of quality time with them’ but that doesn’t compensate for the countless hours they had without me.
They are the love of my life.

I would like to thank you for supporting my team and I in 2012.

Wishing you all an amazing, but above all healthy and safe, 2013 – for you and your loved ones.

– Paul Keijzer


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