Who Did You Learn Most From?

I have a question for all of you: can you name the person from whom, throughout your professional life, you have learned the most from…? Don’t read further until you have answered this question and got the name of that person in mind.

I have got a couple:

  • John Stevens: who taught me how to influence people
  • Theo Koenders: who taught me how to unleash my potential
  • Reg Bull: who taught me how to design and deliver workshops
  • Tex Gunning: who taught me the power of outbreaks
  • Alan Weiss: who’s books taught me how to be a successful consultant
  • David Meerman Scott: who has inspired me to write

Did you ever tell this person that he or she had made such an amazing impact on your life? That you are who you are because of that individual? Did you ever stop to think how different things may have been without this persons influence?

‘Who Did You Learn Most From’ is one of my favorite questions when I ask people to introduce themselves at a conference or workshop. Why? Because it requires some introspection rather than the normal resume you hear.

Much more importantly it recognizes the importance of the teachers in our lives and gives them due credit. At the same time, it also encourages people to be the same teaching role model for others. Think about it… when you retire, what do you want to be remembered for? The shareholder value that you have created? The profit growth you delivered? Maybe you do, but my preference would be to be remembered for the impact I had on other people’s life and I would love for people to say that I was the person they learned most from.

Who is the person that will tell you that he/she had learned most from you?

– Paul Keijzer

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7 thoughts on “Who Did You Learn Most From?

  1. Paul, honestly speaking no one in practical life as you are left to swim yourself in ocean and you do learn with only little help from your seniors. But yes, among my school teachers i remember and will never forget the names of Mr. Malik (Physics teacher) and Mr. Gill (Maths teacher) who inspired me most.

  2. Dermot Murphy and Alan Waters. Both in the Institute for English Langauage Education at Lancaster Unicersity. Dermot taught me how to critically evaluate scientific research & write clearly and concisely and Alan the importance of interpersonal relationships in training.

  3. My boss at my first full time job in high school. She really helped me learn how to foster professional relationships, and team accountability. We have continued to be friends ever since working together, and I continue to rely on her for advice.

  4. Nice one Paul. just made me think of each one of the bosses I have had in every job that I have done. instantly triggers reflection. hope you are well. maybe we need to plan a walk in them mountains in 2013?
    warm regards Khurram Koraishy

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