2012 Talent Barometer

Welcome to the second issue of the Talent Barometer. A barometer gauges the pressure of the atmosphere, indicating an area of high or low pressure, allowing us to forecast changes in the weather. The Talent Barometer aims to measure the pressure of the current talent market in Pakistan. It measures whether the opportunities for talent are entering a period of high pressure (more career opportunities) or low pressure (less career opportunities), as well as the confidence level of managers to obtain better career opportunities in the future.

Close to 500 managers from across all industries, functions and levels responded to our invitation to participate in the survey. They have given their opinion on personal career intentions, the available opportunities in the market and their confidence to find better jobs in the future.

The data collected also gives us insights into the ‘pressure levels’ in the talent market allowing us to determine which industries, functions and executive levels are ‘heating up’ or ‘cooling down’. This helps companies anticipate and plan their engagement and talent management strategies.

Engage Consulting is committed to supporting leaders and HR professionals with local talent and leadership related research data, whether it is through our Employee Engagement Surveys, Best Place to Work and Most Preferred Employer Study or through the Talent Barometer. Engage Consulting believes that we can add value to you and your company if we base our advice on genuine insights and research based facts.

I am confident that you will find the findings in this year’s issue of the Talent Barometer insightful and appreciate your continued support and participation in future issues of the Talent Barometer.

Click here to get the full 2012 Talent Barometer Highlights Report.

– Paul Keijzer


2 thoughts on “2012 Talent Barometer

  1. Stable but restless: So if looking at the trends it seems there is equilibrium between demand & talent supply & yet majority of people are looking to switch from their current job. How does it build up then? People are looking to move yet opportunities are limited so even if they want to move they can’t due to static economy. Since we have 2013 an election year it does not look to be an aggressive year in terms of industry growth so does it mean wait and see of searching people??

    • Thanks for sharing your comments Shoaib. What we have seen is that the demand for talent is stable but that more and more people are looking for opportunities. It is therefore more of a buyers market. The data shows that although people are expecting the situation to improve, I think the uncertainty around the elections and the macro economics situation will drive the opportunities for talent in the next 12 months.

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