DHL Express Pakistan: Accelerating into “The Best Place to Work”

Engage Consulting, a leadership and HR consulting firm in Pakistan, is excited to announce the winners of The Express Tribune 2012 Best Place to Work Study – DHL Express Pakistan.

From the 200+ companies invited to participate in the study, DHL is walking away with the well-deserved award with approximately 9 out of every 10 employees displaying a positive attitude and commitment towards the company, which is 30% higher than the global engagement standard.

So, how did they manage such fantastic results? Speaking with Sarfaraz Siddiqui, CEO of DHL Express Pakistan, we learned what is making DHL Express, the Best Place to Work. According to Sarfraz, all employees – from the senior heads to the delivery riders – are given a voice and everyone is treated equally. All team members are engaged on a weekly basis, every Monday at 9am, to review the past weeks performance and set targets for the coming week. Most importantly, everything is transparent and measured, and decisions are based on merit.

“You have to genuinely show them [employees] action, lead with a positive attitude and totally engage in the business. When people trust in you, they go the extra mile for you.”
–  Sarfaraz Siddiqui, CEO DHL Express Pakistan.

DHL’s success in engaging their employees also translates directly into their business results with DHL Express Pakistan achieving a 98% on time delivery rate making them the best DHL franchise across the world.  They have doubled their revenue and have increased their profits by more than 60% over the past 4 years.

It is an absolute pleasure to see DHL Pakistan winning the Express Tribune 2012 Best Place to Work award. CEO Safaraz Siddiqui recognized that engaging people was the key in transforming the company. DHL have not only grown the company exponentially, but have also set a benchmark for other companies in Pakistan and other international companies globally to follow. 
– Paul Keijzer, CEO Engage Consulting.

The runners up for the Best Place to Work award were P&G (Procter & Gamble) and ICI Pakistan respectively. P&G showed 84% employee engagement and ICI followed closely behind with 83%, both having improved their engagement levels by around 12% from 2010. Congratulations to both companies for showing a coordinated and determined effort in engaging their employees.

We are delighted with the outcome as this is a reassurance of our continued commitment and efforts in making our beloved company the best place to work through small things, which make a big difference.
Asif Malik, VP Human Resources and Life Sciences ICI.

The Best Place to Work survey is based on people who know and can judge a company best; their current employees! So what makes a workplace ‘the best place to work’? Our research shows that “company leaders and line managers, who are able to create a trustful relationship with their employees and recognize them for their contribution are more likely to create an environment where people want to go the extra mile and are willing to stay with the company”, says Shala Agha – Associate Director People Insights, Engage Consulting.

The Best Place to Work Study aims to highlight trends in employee expectation, retention, motivation and engagement levels. Engage Consulting introduced this study in 2008 and over the years has collected a rich database of over 8000 employees from the top 50 companies in Pakistan.  Engage Consulting is committed to helping organizations across all sectors achieve lasting improvements in their workplace relationships. Measurable business benefits and better corporate performance are the results of creating a great workplace.

Written by: Anusha Bawany

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