The Talent Barometer: Moving HR Out of Babylonian Times

For thousands of years now, people have been trying to forecast the weather.  Even as far back as 650 BC, the Babylonians predicted the weather using astrology and cloud patterns. In 1644 an Italian scientist called Tornicelli invented the mercury barometer. Ever since, meteorologist used this barometer to gauge the pressure of the atmosphere – thus helping them to forecast changing weather patterns.

Due to the lack of reliable measurement instruments, HR professionals often still operate in Babylonian times. To fill this vacuum, Engage Consulting developed an instrument that would help executives gauge whether the talent market was entering a period of high pressure (more career opportunities) or low pressure (less career opportunities). This instrument, dubbed the Talent Barometer, supports executives and HR leaders in making informed decisions for their hiring and engagement strategies.

Aiming at Pakistani professionals, from last year’s talent barometer we gained some exciting insights:

  • – More than 1 out of every 2 managers are actively looking for better jobs;
  • – 57% of all managers believe they can get a better job within the next 12 months;
  • – The reason people leave their jobs is because of unsatisfactory compensation and lack of growth; and
  • – The reason people stay in their jobs is due to challenging work and reputation of their current employer.

With this years edition of the Talent Barometer we not only want to assess the current state of the talent market but also want to identify changes from last year to this year. The results will give us the ability to asses the factors behind the decisions of the current talent market.

Gathering statistics depends on individuals helping to provide information. I am counting on all of you to assist us in collecting data! Help us in trying to better understand what motives the actions of current Pakistani employees by taking this quick survey (it will take you less then 10 minutes) : Talent Barometer 2012

To show my gratitude for all those that take part, I am excited to announce that each 100th participant will be offered a free career counseling session with me. Your views are important and will help organizations and individuals obtain a better understanding of what is happening in the Pakistan labor market.

– Paul Keijzer


2 thoughts on “The Talent Barometer: Moving HR Out of Babylonian Times

  1. Its rightly said that people usually don’t leave organizations, they leave managers. We need to work on developing leaders rather managers. Every manager cannot be a leader while every leader can be a very good manager. Leaders once identified, developed and put into action; require to keep in mind that they will be retained as leaders by the team they lead. Hence, they have to keep a check on their changing attitude and behavior. The successful leaders also have to be loving and caring human beings. Believe it or not, if you want to be retained as a leader; WATCH IT!.

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