Desi Gora

I will soon be celebrating the start of my 10 years here in Pakistan. I have enjoyed all the highs and lows possible and Pakistan would not be Pakistan if these highs were not unscalable, 25,000 feet mountains, and lows of ocean grade depths.

Over the last several years, many people have asked me why I have chosen to stay on. My answer to that has always been that Pakistan is my home. I have my family here, my business here and my life here. The simple thing is, I would never have been able to achieve what I have achieved here any where else in the world. Here, everything is possible; and with that I truly mean everything is possible. There are no boundaries, just your passion, your ideas, your hard work and of course a little bit of luck. As the saying goes, “meri kismat, mere haath mein” (if it is to be, it is up to me)

I love this country I so proudly call home. Its landscapes, its culture and above all, I love its people. These heart wrenching, emotional, utterly impulsive, ‘minimize effort and maximize reward’ seekers, conspiracy theorists, intensely optimistic, kick-us-down-and-we-come-out-on-top resilient, ever hospitable, fun and food loving Pakistani’s.

I guess nobody has been able to articulate my status better then the driver who picked me up from Islamabad airport. After interrogating me in “Urdu-English” he came to his conclusion “Haan, ab mein samjha, you are a Desi Gora”

… and I have been wearing this title with pride ever since!

Pakistan Zindabad! Happy Pakistan Day.

– Paul Keijzer


15 thoughts on “Desi Gora

  1. Paulieeeee! It was awesome to read your short account on Pakistan Day! Miss you man! Pakistan is home!
    Wish you all the best! Till we meet again!

  2. Paul,

    This is so encouraging. While many of us – the desi desis – keep on complaining on what we are going through, you have shown an altogether different side of the story.

    God bless and a happy Pakistan Day!

  3. Thank you Paul, Much Appreciated, I wish Christopher Hitchens read this wonderful stuff about my country- The Land of Pure. God Bless You. Pakistan Painda-Bad.

  4. Hi Paul – good to read how you feel about Pakistan and its people. You surely are adding value to the growth and diversity of my country in many ways. Wish you all the success and happiness living in this land of opportunities!

  5. Really appreciate to hear such a nice words from a foreign national about our beloved country Pakistan. May almighty ALLAH give you success in all of your life and make it ease by which your services may be helpful for all Pakistanis.

    Thanks…Take care
    Malik Saeed

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  7. Hello Paul

    It really great and proud feeling to read your writing about Pakistan!I appreciate from the deep of my heart about your truthfullness and positive attitude to our country Pakistan.I also have one AMERICAN FRIEND living with his family since one year and he is also quite satisfied here and we native Pakistanis should learn a lesson from you people that how we are under-estimate our country!
    Kazim S.

  8. Great words about Pakistan by one foreigner!We natives should learn about this jesture!
    PAUL,I thank you very much for your admiration about our country,which is also your country as well!

  9. Thanks you so much Paul..for such lovely praising words for heaven like homeland.. Happy Pakistan Day you too 🙂

  10. Awesome and mind blowing comments from a foreign national (or should I call you a Desi Gora?). I am really blown away. When will we Desi desis learn from people like you. Can you read Ms. Faiza Mirza of Dawn with regards to your “An unposted letter to PM Singh”?

    I highly appreciate your love for my beloved country, Pakistan. Zindabad Pakistan – Zindabad Paul…

  11. Bravo Paul, we needs 1,000 of your clones! I have heard lots of good things about our country from many westerners but all of them just visited, in good old days, you are living there and still admiring the wounded nation.. that is something exceptional… you also deserve ICC awards (just kidding).
    Please spread the message around to so people can see our “softer” image.

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