The Ultimate Question

I just finished the second edition of Fred Reicheld’s book “The Ultimate Question.” The Economist regards Reicheld as the ‘high priest of loyalty’ and this book certainly adds to this reputation.

His fundamental belief is that you can only build a great company with sustainable financial results, if you, from top to bottom, are fanatical about putting the customer center stage in your organization.

This of course is not earth shattering; however, the practical solution that he offers sets “the Ultimate Question” apart from the traditional consumer service approach that most of us are still using. The skeptics only have to look at the list of practitioners (Apple, Allianz, Charles Schwab, Intuit and many others) that are now using this approach to be swayed about its potential.

The core of his philosophy is to categorize your customers by asking them one simple question: “On a zero-to-ten scale, how likely is it that you will recommend us (brand/product/service) to a friend or a colleague?” Customers who score 9 or 10 are identified as Promoters and customers who score 6 and below as Detractors. This simple division allows you to focus on creating more Promoters and turning around Detractors.

       Net Promoter Score - The Ultimate Question by Fred Reicheld

His approach is simple and intuitive, providing easy to implement tools to rally your organization around creating an amazing customer experience for your products and brands.

-Paul Keijzer

Link to; The Ultimate Question


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