A Leadership Journey

A Leadership Journey is an experience which combines physical challenge with intellectual stimulation. It creates an environment where emotions are more likely to flow and open dialogue is encouraged through a transfusion of energy and emotion.

It is a journey of mind, body, heart and soul. It helps people reconnect with themselves and others. It brings people back in touch with the community they serve and with nature. It humbles and creates strong awareness of self and others.

Camping out to the sunset - Gwadar, PK.

The difference with indoor workshops or trainings events is that whilst these events can also be impactful it most often does not produce lasting behavioral shifts in people. Most people will feel energized through workshops however it rarely leads to personal or team transformation. Outward bound training activities are different in a way that, although people enjoy the refreshing and stimulating experience, it often lacks a direct connect with the workplace and the translation to performance improvement at the workplace is frequently missing.

A Leadership Journey offers both. It is an experience that requires physically exercise, and offers intellectual stimulation and emotional richness. At the same time it has a very strong link to the vision and results that the team needs to deliver.

ICI SODA ASH Leadership Outbreak - Thandiani, PK - July 2011

One of the design elements of an Outbreak is to actually make a real journey from point A to point B and as such serves as a metaphor for our own larger leadership and team journeys. The participants will be taken on a trip of several days through an inspiring landscape and stimulating cultural experiences. Along the way, the aim is to interact with the local environment and the community, learn from the world around us and wherever possible use opportunities to give back to the communities in which we live.

A great value of this journey is the element of surprise. Participants normally are not aware of the details of the journey, nor its destination. This heightens the group dynamics and increases the power of the experience, unfolding step by step, mirroring our journey in life.

Past journeys have taken us to the most beautiful places of Pakistan; Murree hills, Gwadar / Balochistan Coast and the Cholistan Dessert as well as around the world to destinations including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia.

ICI SODA ASH Leadership Outbreak - Thandiani, PK - July 2011


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